What Makes me an Artist

What makes me an Artist?

I can’t imagine doing anything else.   I see things everywhere that are paintings.  My paintings are portals into my mind/ thinking/ perceiving process.  I like making people feel good by painting beautiful detailed subjects.  When my breathe catches about something I see on my walks through the world it  makes me want to share my experience.  I had a friend and we used to walk our dogs together in the morning.  I would wain on about  “Look at the parrots”, “wow that flower is great”, whatever.  One day she said to me you know I never would have noticed any of this stuff if you hadn’t pointed them out to me.  So I guess I am blessed with an eye for the magic in life.  My mother called me a Pollyanna but I ‘m glad to see the good and beauty in things.

I woke up yesterday and felt terrible, like I was getting a cold.  But I went into my studio because I have some deadlines to make.  (Yes, artists have deadlines.)  As soon as I started painting,  I lost myself in the process and totally forgot I was feeling bad.  This went on all day but when I merged back to the real world out of my creative groove I felt sick again.  I even felt a little sicker for not taking it easy but I had all those hours of no symptoms while streaming creativeness.  It is a very meditative process and I love it.



  1. 3-9-2012

    I can’t imagine you doing anything else either. When we were kids growing up, you were always doodling and drawing. Your art is breath-taking. Love this new webiste!

    • 3-10-2012

      Thanks Eileen,
      One of these days we will have to get together and share memories.

  2. 4-11-2012

    Pollyanna is a great role model, as far as I’m concerned 🙂

    Been a long time since I read it, just remember her being happy all teh time. So much beauty in this world, how can you not be? Cool that you have teh talent to express it via your artwork.

    P.S. Great website, almost as much fun as seeing your work in a gallery.

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