from Elliot Pilshaw
I’ve loved your work for many years, ever since I was strolling past the Kennedy Gallery a decade ago, and seeing your paintings through the window made me stop in my tracks.  As though I were being pulled by a magnet, I had to go inside and look!
Your paintings convey a sense of clarity, freshness, and a deep appreciation for the beauty all around us — in all of its sweeping grandeur, as well as its quiet details and subtle nuance.  The breezes blowing through those windows can clear my head, help me to slow down a little; and to think more rationally and with more compassion.   A lot of art is beautiful, but only rarely do we come across art that puts us in touch with a sense of wonder about the source of all the beauty in the world.
I have great respect for the combination of technical skill and human sensitivity that an artist must possess in order to create work that can touch people on such a deep level.   I know from previous experience that having one of your paintings on the wall can transform a home and the people who live in it.  Your paintings communicate an openness to being deeply inspired by beauty, whether that beauty is found in colors, in flowers, in plants, in the sky and the ocean, or in other people.
Another thing I appreciate about your work is this:  While some art is an exuberant celebration, and some art is a quiet, introspective meditation — yours has the unusual quality of being both at the same time.
All of which is to say that I’m very happy that I purchased these two pieces.  I don’t know if artists get thanked enough for what they do.  I hope they do, because the world needs artists more than it may sometimes realize.  Thank you for the beauty and dynamic energy that you bring into the world as an artist.
With warm wishes,

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